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You find yourself in a socialist-made vehicle travelling through the horrifying annexed zone‭, ‬a mysterious area ravaged by war‭, ‬pollution‭, ‬and nuclear fallout‭, ‬ located somewhere in an unknown part of eastern Europe‭. ‬A cloud of smog shrouds this zone‭, ‬acting as an iron curtain to the outside world‭; ‬the nature and origin of this cloud are as mysterious as the area itself‭.‬‮ ‬

The inhabitants of this annexed zone‭ believe it to be a "Nation;" ‬if this so-called "Nation" has a name‭, ‬you certainly do not know what it is‭, ‬nor can you pronounce it‭.‬

How you got here is unknown to you‭, ‬you just have found yourself in this vehicle with no recollection of your recent past‭; ‬all you know is that you need to escape‭ — NOW‭!‬

  • Uses a unique D6/hex-based navigation system to travel the "Nation" and its 42 unique, often strange, locations.
  • Uses 3 stats, a Gear, a Damage Score (divided into 4 Facings), and a Wanted ScoreDamage and Warning Scores are what keep a player and their car active. If a player's Damage Score reaches 0, they Crash/Blow Up; if their Warning Score reaches its max, the Authority captures them - in both cases, they are DEAD.
  • Players have access to 6 Gears; the higher the Gear, the easier it is to Crash (fail Crash Tests), and the lower the Gear, the easier it is for the Authority to catch up with the player (fail Authority Tests).

Inspirations/Touchstones:  Beware / HROT / Dark Wood / Inside / Metro / Fallout / Papers Please / Escape from Tarkov / Terry Gilliam / Crash / Lost Highway / Stalker / Roadside Picnic / 1984 / Animal Farm / Scarfolk / The Man in the High Castle / Mad Max.


Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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Quick question: The navigating rules state "You may roll to see what hex you drive your vehicle to or choose to travel through a previously visited hex." but also "roll a D6 and move to the hex with the number rolled as is pictured." If I choose to roll, can I be trapped driving back and forth across the same few tiles forever, or can I choose to reroll if it lands on the tile I was just on? Thank you!

In my first playthrough, I think I hit the Parking Lot five times lol. I've been messing around with a house-rule to get around that, though: If you choose to fail the Crash Test, you can roll 2d6 and choose the result. If you choose to fail the Authority test, you can choose which way to go without rolling.
I wanna mess around with it a bit more, maybe incorporate reducing Gear or something, but for right now I think it's an effective workaround.

"I hit the Parking Lot five times, lol."

HOW? Did you roll back into the Parking Lot hex over and over again? Remember, "Treat this hex as an Open Road hex when you enter this hex again."

Yeah lmao, the farthest hex I reached was the Dam north of the Lot. Otherwise, I was kinda doing donuts in the Parking Lot and four hexes between it and the Lake. Just a run of bad luck for that survivor haha

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The "Nation" can be a cruel place.


Choosing to fail tests is a bit harsh; a reroll should suffice.

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I'll add this - If you roll a hex you just previously visited, reroll until you roll a different hex.

Would it be possible to get a printer friendly version?


Working on that ;) atm.


Print Friendly Versions of the rules, Driver Records & Hex Map are up.

Seems cool! How many players can play at once? And is it co-op or versus in some way?


Solo for now, but you can compete, the least hexes travelled and whether you survive. I will write something soon.